I can’t see my video/my video won’t load.

There may be two possible reasons for your videos not loading:

  • your browser settings may need to be reset
  • you may need to whitelist our video urls in your parental control program.
  • If your video plays but is buffering, click here.

Resetting your browser settings

If you see a black box, with an orange play button and when you click the play button nothing happens, try resetting your browser settings. Here’s how:

*For the best learning experience, we recommend you use Chrome to view the website.

Whitelisting us in your parental control program

Some parental control programs, such as Circle, may block access to unknown videos. You may need to whitelist the following URLs in your parental control program to be able to see the videos.

  • iframe.mediadelivery.net
  • video.bunnycdn.com