Here’s what homeschool bloggers say about Nicole the Math Lady…

Nicole…has a casual, friendly, encouraging attitude that students are likely to enjoy. She includes her own techniques for remembering concepts—mnemonics, tricks, silly songs. She makes the lessons lively!

Cathy Duffy, Cathy Duffy Reviews

Nicole the Math Lady loves teaching math in a lively, fun, and wacky way. She’s that awesome math instructor who makes math fun.

Sara Dennis, Classically Homeschooling

I listened to my husband talk through simple probability with my daughter. As the frustration built, I gained access to the portal of glorious videos on Nicole the Math Lady.  In the span of five minutes, we went from utter confusion to content understanding. It was wonderful to have a third party tutor step in and diffuse the moment of stress between teacher and student.

Betsy Strauss, Family Style Schooling

Math videos from Nicole the Math Lady will help you balance work and homeschool by giving you another tool to foster independence in your middle schooler and give them the tools to succeed in math!

Amy Lanham, Life as Lanhams

She has tips and tricks and mnemonic devices that make understanding complex math concepts a little easier. These NICOLEisms take her math instruction to a level I can’t provide. And, they make the lessons engaging for kids who don’t want to have to ask mom for help.

Tara Mitchell, Embark on the Journey

My teen son, Collin, loves the idea of being able to watch his Nicole the Math Lady lessons on his iPod! Super convenient!

Judy Hoch, Contented at Home

Nicole’s videos are awesome. She doesn’t make corny jokes or overly try to be funny.  She just seems to have a naturally engaging personality that comes through in her videos. While she’s upbeat and engaging, she’s also quick and to the point. Another huge plus!

Adrienne Bolton, The Mommy Mess

If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you’ve probably gotten the question, What’s one thing you wish you would have known when you started homeschooling?  Well, here’s mine:  Nicole the Math Lady.   

Alicia Hutchinson, AliciaHutchinson.com