Close Math Gaps with Mastery Bank!

Practice is the key to closing math gaps.
Whether your student needs just a few extra problems to secure their understanding or extensive practice to achieve fluency, Mastery Bank has over 50,000 math problems in topics ranging from arithmetic to advanced math.
And if your student needs a little help in understanding, Nicole’s One-Minute Tutorial is just a click away, offering clear and concise explanations that will have your student say “I Get It!”

Features of Mastery Bank

Broad Range of Topics

Explore over 300 math topics to find the grade-appropriate ones your student has yet to master. Topics include basic arithmetic, pre-algebra, linear and exponential algebra, and geometry.

Practice When You Need It

Mastery Bank has 50,000+ practice problems and can be used: 1) when you just need a few extra problems to nail down a concept or 2) for extended practice to close a math gap.

For Use with All Curriculums

Mastery Bank is designed for students in late elementary school, middle school, and early high school. It can be used as a supplement for students using ANY curriculum.

How I Use Mastery Bank

While homeschooling my son in math, I noticed he occasionally struggled with problems because he forgot skills from previous lessons. In those moments, I wanted to give him a quick reminder on how to do those earlier skills and provide a couple of practice problems to reinforce the concepts.

That’s why I created Mastery Bank and One-Minute Tutorials!

Now, we visit Mastery Bank at the end of our daily lessons to give him an extra problem or two on whatever concept he needs to nail down. We also participate in the Summer Math-a-Palooza to keep math fresh and prevent the summer slide.

Getting Started

Current Customer?

If you have an active Saxon Math Pro plan or a Saxon Math Premium plan, Mastery Bank is already included in your membership.

If you have an active Saxon Math Basic plan (video only) or Saxon Math Plus plan (video and grading only) and would like Mastery Bank, please login to your parent account and upgrade to a Pro or Premium plan.

Not a Current Customer?

If you do not have a current Nicole the Math Lady Saxon Math Membership plan, you can purchase Mastery Bank as a stand-alone membership.

How It Works


Search Topic

Review our list of over 250 Recommended Topics to find the grade-appropriate ones your student has yet to master.



Do a few problems each day as a supplement to the daily lesson or join Nicole’s Summer Math-A-Palooza program to consistently work on closing math gaps throughout the summer.


Close Gaps

Review reports to track student performance and determine if fluency in the topic has been achieved.