You’re doing a great job.


Really. You are!


This is an encouragement for moms. Unless you have an out-of-this-world support system, a full cup of self-confidence, and unicorn children who look at you all doe-eyed and express their gratitude every moment, I’m thinking you probably need to hear that right now. We all do. Times like these can make us question everything that we are doing, wondering what the end result will be, and if we are doing it “right.”


I’m pretty sure you’re doing it right.


If you were suddenly shoved into schooling-at-home and you sought out online support for teaching math, then you’re doing it right. You needed help. You got it. You’re doing a great job.

If you are a charter school representative who found a way to support your teachers and students through online learning, you’re doing it right. You showed up for people who needed you. You’re doing a great job.


If you are a homeschool parent who has been in this for a while but who at some point needed to turn over math learning in order to manage the workload, then you’re doing it right. As a leader in your home, you saw a chance to delegate and you did. Now the kids are still learning, and you have a little more time to do the other necessary things in your life. You’re doing a great job.


None of us asked for this situation. None of us prepared for this. But I hear every day from subscribers who are worried and concerned or who just have simple questions, and I’m so impressed with you. Why? Because you care. You care about the young minds you are guiding and you are working to do the best for them.


You’re not going to break your child during this pandemic. From what I can tell, you’re actually making them stronger, and not just in math. They are learning resilience, patience, adaptability… all things that will serve them well through the course of their life. Many of them are making the kinds of memories we wanted for them all along, the kinds that only happen when the pace eases and life slows down. Is it easy? Absolutely not, and especially not when you’ve been touched personally by all this. But whatever changes you’ve had to make during this temporary time, you are not going to break your child.


I want you to hear it again: you’re doing a great job. You’ve gotten thrown into a championship-level game, and you’re keeping the ball in the air. Keep showing up, friend. You may not know how this will all work out, but I can see that you are investing in all the right ways. And that will pay out in time.


You’re doing a great job.

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady