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Step 1

Student can enter their answers to warmups, practice set problems, and tests.

Step 2

Each problem is instantly graded giving immediate feedback to the student. We believe in second chances (and third, fourth, and fifth) so you can determine the number of retries you’d like your student to have.

Step 3

We’ll keep track of their progress. You can also choose to be notified of their results so you can focus your time on where they need it the most.

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Online Grading is Available For These Textbooks:

3rd edition

3rd edition

4th edition

3rd edition

3rd edition

3rd edition

1st edition

1st edition

1st edition

1st edition

Algebra 2 – Coming 2021

Saxon Math 3 – Coming 2021

Intermediate 3 – Coming 2021

Why Choose Online Grading?

Gives Instant Feedback

Students learn right away whether their answer is right or wrong. That way, they can put in a correction before moving on to the next problem.

Creates Independence

Students of all ages can enter answers on their own. No more waiting on you to correct practice sets.

Saves You Time

You’ll receive an email of exactly what they got right, wrong, and how many retries it took. You’ll spend less time grading and more time teaching where it is needed the most.

*The student textbook, solutions manual, and test booklet are still required to use online grading. The student will work out the problems from the Saxon books and enter answers into the grading system.