I gotta tell you, I am in a great mood as you are reading this… why? Because your kids are KILLING IT when it comes to club month. It’s felt a little like this at Nicole the Math Lady HQ this month:

We’ve already inducted dozens and dozens of new members–and we still have a week to go! Take a look at some of these happy faces:

Way to go, Alexandra!
Welcome to the Club, JJ!
Great (math) form, Leah!
Proud of you, Luke!
You and that horse are both champions, Zoe!

Not only are the kids happy, but I’m hearing from you teachers that the Club Month Challenge is working wonders for your kids’ confidence and skills. Diana says “My daughter has completed five Algebra 1 30 mixed problem sets in a row. She saw a huge improvement.” And that’s after just ONE round of doing all 30 problems for just five days!

Lindsay says “My kids have always had to do all 30 problems, but there was something about that All-Right Club that really spurred them on to do something excellent. They would even hold their breath while I checked problems. While they were disappointed the many times they didn’t make it, that look of pride when they finally got a 100 was worth it all. ‘I knew I could do it!’ they said. And they did!”

I’m also impressed at what you teachers have done to help kids who question whether they can do it. Nicole told me, “My son has had almost no problems getting into the All Right Club. My daughter has had issues. Now, she knows math is not my strong suit and so says “See? I can’t do it, like you.” And so I have started a tiny study group: me and her doing the lessons with Nicole and then all the problems. She loves when she beats me, but also loves that I am right there to ask for help. Sometimes she teaches me; others, I teach her. Either way we are both becoming math people.

I gotta tell ya–I didn’t see that one coming. That you parents and teachers would start to grow to love math?!? Are you kidding? This has been a great Club Month already.

So, keep them coming! We have another full week to induct your kids into this challenge and break some records for participation. I can’t wait to see who makes it into this last round!

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady