Hi there and Happy October! Fall is finally really, truly here and I want to make it a great month. So, we’re making it a Club Month.


“What’s a Club Month?” you ask?


Well, a couple of times a year, I like to encourage everyone in the Nicole the Math Lady family to push themselves a little more than usual. A lot of times we fall into that “just enough” mentality–and that’s fine! There are often seasons in life where just enough is, well, enough! But sometimes we need a little push to work toward a goal.


Enter Club Month!

I want my clubs FULL of kids excited to see just what happens when they really apply themselves to a goal. What I’d love to see are huge videos in October, full of students who are pushing themselves just a little more… and maybe helping to push others to achieve something new, too. Here’s a quick reminder of what clubs kids can work to join.


The All-Right Club is where a student gets every problem correct on a mixed practice set or on a test. If you want to join the All-Right club, now is a great time to make sure you are getting good rest, working in a quiet space, and can fully focus on the tast of math as you do your work.


The 30-5 Club is a club that rewards students who do all 30 problems on a Mixed Practice Set, for five lessons in a row. Now, I know there are students out there who do the odds/evens in a set, or who do 20 problems a day. So this month is a special time where you could choose five days to go ALL IN on math and commit to doing all 30! If you have a hesitant student, remind them that this isn’t for the rest of their life! It’s more of a science experiment: Can they do it (I believe they can!)? And if they do, does it improve their math skills? I find, over and over, that it does, but sometimes seeing for yourself is believing and that’s exactly why we do Club Month.


Ready to get to work? I know my Nicole the Math Lady kids have got this, and that I’m going to have videos full of proud, accomplished kids this month! You can get the details on how to let me know your kid is in a new club here.

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady