Saxon Math


“If you try to do your best, there is no failure.”

–Mike Farrell

Saxon math is such a great curriculum. The math students it produces are top-notch, and tend to have a deep knowledge of the subject. But it’s a challenging curriculum, and that’s not lost on any of us who teach it, right?! 

I can picture your student, opening their book each day, sitting down to watch the lessons, and truly feel for the task ahead of them. I know it well because I’ve seen it for years in kids I’ve taught–and I watch my own work hard on it every day. It’s why I try to make math as fun as possible. Folks tell me my videos work, but you and I both know that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

That’s why I just love the All-Right and the 30-5 Clubs. It’s why I will always, always, always tell you that “YES! Your child should absolutely attempt to get into them!” Even though Saxon math is an everyday part of their routine, it deserves a reward. Heck, it may deserve a reward BECAUSE they do it every day.


Saxon Math

These were the first two clubs I ever dreamed up, and they’ve been a foundational part of the subscriber experience since Day One. Because it’s easy to phone it in on challenging things, or boring things, or daily things. But if you give your best on these things, the consistency pays off, especially in a program like Saxon Math.

These two clubs target two important areas, and work to motivate a wide range of kids. One encourages kids to strive for consistency in practice, the other for mastery of material. Between those two things, ANYONE can reach their goal and celebrate their success.

The All-Right Club is for students who get 100% (all problems correct on the first try) on either a practice set or a test. This one motivates kids who are already grasping concepts to go all in for perfection, even just once! They can hit the All-Right Club mark in a math test OR lesson. It’s a tough, but achievable goal, and it may be just the thing if they tend to know the concepts but let a mistake or two get in the way of math excellence.


The 30-5 Club is for students who complete every problem of five mixed practice sets in a row. This one targets kids who may struggle a bit to get all the practice sets completed. If they only do half a set, or if they run out of time before they complete all 30, this challenge can show them that they CAN get through entire sets of Saxon math! It’s great for kids who need to make the leap and do more practice, but who are intimidated by doing 30 problems a day.  (And no, they do not need to score 100% on the practice set. They just need to have no skipped problems!) 

What’s in it for them? Well of course students who accomplish either of these goals will be featured on Nicole’s weekly Wall of Fame Video!  A few seconds of internet fame can go a long way in motivating them! But they’ll also get a new sense of accomplishment, and show themselves what can happen when they apply themselves to a challenge. That’s the true blessing of pushing themselves for a club goal, and it’s why I continue to use Club Month to encourage them to step up!

This club month,  won’t you encourage your child to go for the club that would motivate them to improve?  It’s a great way to prove to themselves that doing their absolute best really is possible, and that hard things are worth doing. Ready? See you in the club!

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady