I want to thank you. I want to let you know how grateful I am to have found your video series for Algebra 1. My daughter has transitioned to a private high school and is no longer homeschooling, and on her placement test she did indeed move up to an integrated geometry/Algebra 2 class as a freshman! So your program is effective! It was so helpful to have each lesson to lay it out for her by an actual math teacher instead of her just doing it from the book. One of the reasons I think your videos are successful, aside from being truly helpful instruction, it that you are not boring!!! You have a way about you that is interesting, engaging and even funny – but in a genuine way, not a ‘trying to be funny’ kind of way. And that works well with the tween and teen set! I have suggested your site to anyone I know doing Saxon Math and will continue to do so. You are an asset to the homeschooling community and I wish you tremendous success. Thank you again.

Victoria Zischke

Homeschool Mom

School is done, for now, but I want to thank you for your help in eighth grade math this year with Lydia. My child does not like math, but after we subscribed to your service, she looked forward to hearing from you every day. Her daily work was on and off, and I thought we’d need to start ninth grade with more pre-algebra. But, out of curiosity, I tried the placement test, and she knew how to do almost every problem through Algebra readiness. Today I got her Hewitt standardized test back, and she placed very high–in fact, she hit the 99th national percentile! When I look back over her elementary scores, that is a dramatic increase! Saxon, and you, made all the difference.

Jennifer Quattrocchi

Homeschool Mom

Nicole the Math Lady has made a powerful and positive impact in our school year. Math was something that we had begun to dread because although I usually understood the lesson, I was unable to communicate it in a way that made it click with my daughter. The Lord has blessed her with a beautiful mind and she is wired differently from me and we approach everything from a very different perspective. Homeschooling her was my God-given mission, but our mother-daughter relationship had become strained. Nicole the Math Lady rescued us and gave us back a connection during math. Nicole teaches the lesson and it click with my daughter and I get to be the cheerleader and grade her math lessons with lots of exclamation points and stickers. All things have improved. Thank you, Nicole!

Julia Leinen

Homeschool Mom

Nicole the Math Lady has been such a positive change for math in our home. My boys, ages 9 and 11, had only tolerated and even sometimes dreaded math time before, but now they look forward to it. I even hear laughter during math time thanks to your Corny Brain Breaks! My boys benefit greatly from seeing your thorough explanations while she shows them, step by step, how to do practice problems. I love that they are learning from someone who clearly has a passion for math, and greets them at the board with a smiling face, because that shines through and is even a bit contagious, especially to my two boys who no longer complain when it’s time for math!

Samantha Hamilton

Homeschool Mom

I love how these videos take the burden of teaching off of my shoulders and allow me to be a better homeschool mom by not spreading myself so thin. The program is very friendly for large families which is especially important to me. My daughter says “The thing I like the most about the videos is that they make it seem like I’m really there with Nicole and she’s talking just to me! Nicole is so fun and super smart too!”

Aubrie Williams

Homeschool Mom

Nicole the Math Lady has helped us so much as a homeschooling family. Having my children watch these math videos, which are very thorough and exactly what the Saxon books teach, has helped them understand the math, but also has freed up some time for me, as a mom, to get things done around the house or make additional preparations for our homeschool day. We have loved her videos and the kids really enjoy the corny brain breaks. Nicole’s awesome personality shines through in each one of her videos and makes them fun for the kids to watch and learn.

Liana Avis

Homeschool Mom

Finding Nicole the Math Lady has been a breath of fresh air for my daughter Hannah and myself. We have tried many math curriculums over the course of our 3 year homeschooling journey. We were extremely frustrated and not sure of our direction and then we found YOU!!! You make math fun for Hannah, you have boosted her confidence and she no longer dreads math. I have seen such improvement in her math skills and I contribute it to YOU, Saxon and the 30 problems a day. My youngest daughter, Hailey, will be transitioning to your 7/8 program in the fall. Thank you Nicole!

Tonya Dymond

Homeschool Mom

My son, Andrew, and I tried 5 different math curriculums in 6 years. We loved homeschooling, but just couldn’t get a rhythm in mathematics. We made our final switch to Saxon Math last school year and loved the thorough curriculum, but I struggled to empower my son to be more independent in his studies. My best friend told me about Nicole the Math Lady and what a HUGE difference it’s made in his confidence heading into each lesson. Thank you, thank you. Nicole for helping us find our rhythm.

Christina S.

Homeschool Mom

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