practical benefits of saxon


What would make your life easier when it comes to math? Let’s say, some practical benefits of Saxon math in particular. 

Would it be knowing exactly what to say to get the concepts to stick? Having an independent student who can do some part of their schoolwork solo? Peace of mind about how prepared they’ll be when test time rolls around?



The great news is: the real-life, practical benefits of Saxon mean you can have all of those things! Sure, people love the math learning benefits that we’ve discussed. But on a day-to-day level, there are things about the curriculum that can just make your life easier.  

  1. K-3 Script for Parent

  2. 5/4 and Beyond: Students Work Independently

  3. Better Test Taking Skills: Mental Agility & Problem Solving Skills 

  4. Long-Term Retention of Skills

practical benefits of Saxon


Practical Benefits of Saxon #1: K-3 Script for Parent

If we are being honest, math is one of the subjects that truly gives people pause when considering homeschooling. If you don’t feel like you are particularly strong in math, you wonder “How in the world can I teach this to someone else?” It’s a great question, but there’s an easy answer!

In the early years of Saxon, the curriculum gives you a word-for-word script and step-by-step instructions on what to say and do when teaching. The upshot is: your child only hears the things that will help, and YOU actually get a refresher course in some of those foundational math concepts. 

Not only do you know just what to say and do, but you start to see how the curriculum is molding your child’s brain and preparing them for math concepts to come.

You’ll also likely be heartened by seeing the spiral method in action–where your child learns a little bit each day and revisits concepts. You’ll watch firsthand as they grow in confidence and skills over time.


Practical Benefits of Saxon #2: Older Students Work Independently

In Saxon Math 5/4 and beyond, the books move into a format in which the child works independently. Finally–some respite for you as a teacher. It is a time for you to be freed up for other subjects and for them to gain some academic independence. 

Now, this is no time to take your hands off the wheel–you’ll need to hold them accountable and make sure they are grasping concepts. I’m well aware that this is a prime reason many of my subscribers reach out for my services–your kids really do crave a teacher and sometimes a fresh face is nice. 

But whether they are working independently with a book or online with Nicole the Math Lady videos, it’s a great time when they start to take ownership of what they are learning. Saxon allows for, and even promotes that!


Practical Benefits of Saxon #3: Better Test Taking Skills: Mental Agility & Problem Solving Skills

Higher standardized test scores come when kids can make connections and solve problems while employing a level of mental agility as they go from problem to problem. Saxon aids in that because of how it emphasizes problem-solving early on. 

All those warmups and problem-solving opportunities at the beginning of lessons? You know–the ones your student probably complains about? They are most definitely there for a reason!

Day by day kids gain experience in how to strategize and attack problems piece by piece. That means they are better prepared for similar problems that appear on standardized tests. 

Likewise, the revisiting of lessons that you find in the mixed practice means that your student knows how to go back and forth between concepts with ease. That’s a great thing come test day, when they’ll be asked to stand and deliver on a wide variety of them!

(Want my advice on how to approach the bigger tests like the SAT? It’s here.)


Practical Benefits of Saxon #4: Long-Term Retention of Skills

Have you ever had that moment as an adult where you KNOW you should know something–you learned it in school, and you just can’t conjure it? You worked hard to get the grade, but maybe you crammed for the test and *poof* it’s gone?

Yeah, that’s NOT Saxon.

Because of that slow, steady climb toward math excellence, your student is going to retain what they know for a long, long time. If they’re asking “Why do I have to do this AGAIN?!?” rest assured that they’ll understand it when, years later, they will be able to recall important math skills. 

Yes, Saxon math can seem tedious. But just like it takes time to build a solid foundation for a house, it takes time to build a solid foundation in math.

And the payout is–you’re not worried about that house falling down! Similarly, you’ll know that your student is going to be able to recall and use what they’ve learned for years to come.

Saxon is popular because its game plan to teach math works. But these real-life, practical benefits of Saxon mean you can be confident in your choice of curriculum! 

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady

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