No Pie, Pi Day?


Well, folks, here’s a twist for this year’s Pi Day – it’s going to be a “No-Pie” Pi Day for me. Yep, you read that right. While I’m usually all about diving into delicious pies to explore the magical world of Ο€, this year, I’ll be pie-less and convention-bound on March 14th.

So, how does one celebrate Pi Day without the pie? Turns out, there are infinite ways to honor this mathematical constant that don’t involve baking. Let’s see how I celebrated my “No pie, Pi Day.

Here’s a few basics about pi:

  • Circumference – the distance around the outside of a circle
  • Diameter – the distance across the middle of a circle at its widest point
  • Pi – the constant ratio of the circumference to the diameter. It’s approximately 3.14 hence March 14th is Pi Day.

From virtual pie-making contests to pie-themed art projects, the possibilities are endless. And let’s not forget about the good old pi recitation challenge – who can say no to a bit of friendly competition?

So, while I’ll miss the sweet aroma of pies baking in the oven, I’m excited to see how creatively we can celebrate Pi Day this year. Who’s with me in this unconventional celebration?

Wishing you a great Pi Day!

P.S. If you want to celebrate your Pi Day with actual pie and see how I celebrated it in the past, check out my post here.


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  1. Here’s a cheer from my dads Rose Poly Tech football team in 1949!

    Cosign secant tanget sin; 3.14159!

  2. Well I totally forgot to ask my mom……….. But this video was cool and fun!!!!!!!!!!!! [have a great time in south Carolina] I live in North Carolina!!!!! If I was closer maybe we could have met!!!!!

  3. This pie looks AMAZING! I also want to give a shout out to my grandma who makes the best lemon pie. it is the BEST pie I have ever tasted! but your pie would probably come in a close second πŸ˜‰