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Become a Math Facts Master


Ever wonder why sometimes, your student just isn’t having it with math? Why no matter what you try, they just seem to fight the work, to fall apart at any challenge, and can’t seem to get ahead in their lessons?

It’s nothing new. I have seen it many, many times in my work as an educator. The fancy term for it is “Cognitive Overload.” The rest of us may call it “Brain Fry,” “Brain Drain,” or “Mental Fatigue.” It’s when you just can’t do any more computing, thinking, or answer-finding–and many times, it’s the reason for math tears.

Why do so many kids struggle with Brain Drain when the math books come out? My answer is, almost universally: it’s because they don’t truly know their math facts. They can’t even get into the complex stuff because they are stuck on computing facts that they were to have memorized already.


saxon math facts

That’s why my newest club means so much to me. It’s the natural outcome of our new Drill Team program, but I think it will give so many kids the greatest sense of accomplishment of perhaps any of our clubs


Because this club is for the kids who have struggled. Maybe they tried to memorize facts but couldn’t. Maybe their school focused too much on word problems and testing and not enough on facts. Maybe they got caught in the chaos of the pandemic and just didn’t give it the attention it needed. Whatever the reason, Drill Team is a new way of learning facts that is giving kids a do-over that they desperately need. It’s also a way to ensure new students coming up get their math facts memorized–without tears!

And so what do we do at Nicole the Math Lady when we finish hard things? Why we celebrate, of course! And this milestone is big enough to get its own club.

The Math Facts Masters Club is for the kids who have worked their way through Drill Team, had fun with their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts for the first time, and finally mastered this important skill. First, they give in to the catchy Drill Team fun. Next, they nail the facts. And finally? They possess the ability to work their way through more complex math problems because they have these foundational facts down cold! 

If you haven’t yet started Drill Team, let me respectfully ask, why wait? Here’s some of the testimony from a mom who is already seeing results:

“We started using Drill Team today and we are already in love! Nicole, thank you! My middle son is working on the multiplication/division set and my youngest (level 1 Saxon) is beyond thrilled he finally gets to do Nicole videos with the addition set!   This (picture) is my 3rd grader who is usually my last one to the schoolroom!  Rushed through breakfast to do his lessons.” 

–Ashley S., Kansas

It may sound unbelievable that math facts could be fun, but Drill Team has done it. There’s never been a better time to stop your student’s Brain Drain and free them up to really excel at math. Get your kid started today, and we will be welcoming them into the Math Facts Master Club before you know it!

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady

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