Make Math Facts Stick

Do your kids complain that learning math facts are boring?  Has that made it more difficult to get them memorized? Does not having them memorized lead to them making simple mistakes that result in wrong answers?
If yes, then it’s time for a change.  It’s time for Drill Team!

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Take a Sneak Peak at Drill Team

There are some things that just need to be memorized.  Math facts are one of them.  But boring drills are not the way to hold the attention of today’s YouTube generation.  That’s why Drill Team uses movement, music, and games to teach students their math facts in a way that they will want to come back again and again. (Psst…and they won’t even realize that they’re learning!)

…and See How Students React

Why It Works

Key Components

Memorization research is why we’re effective.

The Drill Team
Frequent Quizzing

Frequent short quizzes are key to the memorization process. In just 10-15 minutes a day, the student does various “brain checks” to see if the material has been memorized. Drill Team also incorporates a nighttime review to quickly summarize the day’s work.

Only 3-4 Facts at a Time

A common mistake when trying to memorize math facts is that too many facts are taken on at one time. In Drill Team, the student gains mastery with only 3-4 math facts at time before adding new ones.

Multisensory Learning

Drill Team makes the math facts more “sticky” by using multisensory methods.  We teach through song, physical activity, games, and verbal recitation.

Cumulative Review

To ensure that students do not forget what they have learned, Drill Team does a daily cumulative review of previously learned math facts.

How it Came to Be

It was the summer of ‘77, sitting at the kitchen table with my mom…

Why it Matters

What’s the single greatest action we can take to help our kids succeed at math?

Answer: Teach them their math facts.  Why?   Not having automatic recall of the basic addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts makes math slow and laborious.  It leads to a frustrated, disempowered math student who is not able to compute quickly.


In contrast, students who have memorized their math facts feel confident.   Research shows that they perform better in pre-algebra,  algebra and higher-level math.

Give your child a solid foundation by helping them learn their math facts.

Enhance Learning with the Drill Team Adventure Kit

Want to help your child even more with this foundational learning? The Adventure Kit can be used in conjunction with Drill Team to make it more hands-on and a lot more fun!


One Hanging Flashcard Organizer + 2 Hooks


44 Addition Fact Writeable Flashcards


78 Multiplication Fact Writeable Flashcards


2 Adventure Guides Sticker Books


2 Character Sticker Packs and Star Stickers


Black Marker

Have multiple students?  Click  here to see Adventure Kit options.

Be a Part of the Club

Encourage and motivate them to succeed

Students who successfully complete a Drill Team program can become part of the Math Facts Masters Club. They will be showcased on Nicole’s weekly Wall of Fame.


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