Nicole the Math Lady Drill Team Math Facts


Have you ever had that moment where it became crystal clear that there was a Big Thing you just HAD to do, as though your life depended on it? Because it was important, meaningful, and would impact people? I’ll be honest: I’ve been having that moment repeatedly for the last year as Drill Team went from Idea to Reality.

Why? Because Drill Team is the answer for so many anguished teachers and parents who contact me. When I drill down on what the problem is with their struggling math student, it boils down to this: they’ve never mastered their math facts. Something in what the kids were doing just wasn’t clicking to help them stay with the task to the end. And it showed in their inability to confidently move on in math. It is truly the kind of thing that has affected academic attitudes and even life choices as kids get older.

The system was broken. And I wanted to fix it. And if we are being real, I believe my team has done it. So as we near our Launch Day, I want YOU to be as confident as I am that this is the program your child needs to fix what isn’t working or (if they are still new to math facts) to get it right from the beginning. 


Drill Team

1.Drill Team is designed for the students of today. These YouTube generation kids want it fast, quick, visual. For better or worse, it’s what they are, and this program meets them where they are. Drill Team is fast-paced, fun and visual and moves us into the world of today.

2. Drill Team addresses the common mistakes that people make when it comes to learning Math Facts. The biggest problems? We expect kids to do too much, for too long. Drill Team relies on small but consistent learning over time to keep things interesting and to make sure the information sticks. And that approach erases the dread and boredom that we often associate with memorization.

What does that look like? Small pockets of work over a chunk of time. A little in the morning, a little at night, and in just 100 days, the task will be done.

3. Drill Team is multi-sensory. Everyone learns better when they are fully engaged! The program integrates your student’s mind AND body. They won’t just see the facts, they’ll be saying them and DOING them as they sing, chant, and rhyme their way to mastery.

4. Drill Team gives you your time back. Just like my Saxon video classes, I am happy to take on this task for you. All you have to do is get your child in front of the computer and the Drill Team will handle the rest. Meanwhile, you can handle the other important things that your life demands of you.

5. Drill Team works on YOUR schedule. If your child needs more practice on a set, you can re-do a week!  Want a break? No biggie. You’re free to take one. Drill Team will be here when you get back.

Time for some straight talk: I KNOW Drill Team is the answer for so many kids out there who just have not been able to get this down. Why? Because it has solved so many of the problems I’ve heard you express! 

The team is FUN and will turn this important task around for so many students who have struggled with it. And for those kiddos who are just starting their math facts journey? It will spare them from the dread that so many of their older counterparts have experienced. Hallelujah!

I can’t wait for you to experience all the ways that Drill Team is YOUR team

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady