Drill Team

Drill Team is my new program that helps students shore up their math facts. The flexible, 100-ish-day program helps students commit ALL their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts to memory! The video-based program incorporates song, movement, rhythm and Nicole-style FUN into this important part of math learning.

Drill Team is designed primarily for elementary to early middle school students. However, older students who never really “got” their math facts will find benefit (and maybe even have some fun), too.

Drill Team is a separate, supplemental Nicole the Math Lady subscription. There is also an Adventure Kit of physical items that helps kids interact with the facts and encourages them as they work through the program.

Here’s what’s included: 1) One Hanging Visual Card Organizer, 2) Flashcards for each addition/subtraction fact, 3) Flashcards for each multiplication/division fact, 4) Two Adventure Guides (like passports) to track progress, 5) Two Sticker Incentive Packs, 6) Marker

There are several options:

Drill Team Student Membership (only) (1 year) – $21.95
Drill Team Adventure Kit (only) – $23.95
Drill Team Student Membership (1 year) + Drill Team Adventure Kit – $41.95 (best value)

Please note: Premium and Pro Members prior to 1/11/21 automatically have access to Drill Team for one year from the date of Drill Team’s release. Your normal subscription will still end on the same date, while Drill Team will continue until 12 months from its release date. The Adventure Kit is not included and is sold separately.

Coming Late January 2021