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Each lesson includes two types of videos following the topics of the Saxon Math curriculum:

  • The Daily Lesson which teaches the new concept
  • The Practice Set which includes original practice problems for students to apply their learning.

The Daily Lesson – #1

Nicole presents the new concepts  in a clear, concise and lively format where students just “get it.”  To get a sense of her style, take at look at how she makes this lesson on the “Distributive Property of Rational Expressions with Positive Exponents” (wow…that’s a mouthful!) engaging. (Algebra 1: Lesson 36) 

The Daily Lesson – #2

Now let’s check out something for younger learners: Writing Decimal Numbers as Fractions (Saxon Math 7/6: Lesson 35). 

Practice Problems

When it comes to math, students need practice.  Nicole gives students problems to try on their own.  After they’ve had a chance to practice, she shows them the correct way to do it.  And no boring practice problems here.  Nicole’s practice problems involve Jordans, Dancing with the Stars and Pokeman, helping to make math relatable.

What are NICOLEisms?

Sometimes all we need is a quick trick or an easy way to remember how to do something.  NICOLEisms are ways to make math memorable. Let her show you the way.

Corny Brain Breaks

Nicole uses Corny Brain Breaks in her practice sets to keep attention high.  Really, it’s just kids being kids.  The jokes are corny…we know it and we’re proud of it!


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