Student Clubs

Let's Celebrate Hard Work and Achievement!

Nicole the Math Lady loves to reward excellence when she sees it.  Get all 30 problems correct on a Saxon Math Practice Set or all 20 problems on a Saxon Math Test and you’re in Nicole’s All-Right Club.   You’ll be featured in one of her videos for everyone to see.

Doing all 30 problems of the practice set can be hard work, but it does make a difference.  So Nicole also loves to recognize hard work.  Complete all 30 problems of five Saxon Math practice sets in a row and you’re in Nicole’s 30-5 Club.  You’ll be featured in one of Nicole’s videos for everyone to see.

Corny Brain Breaks provide a little fun between your math videos.  If you have a joke to share or a special talent the world needs to see, you can be a part of the Corny Brain Break Crew.