Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My student uses the Saxon Math curriculum. What’s the best way to use these videos?

A:  Nicole the Math Lady videos can be used as your main instruction or as a supplement to what you’re already doing.  Since improvement in math comes through practice, I recommend students first watch the lesson videos to learn the new concept and then do the practice problems to make sure they can apply what they’ve learned.


Q:  Can we use these videos if we don’t use the Saxon Math curriculum?

A:  Yes.  I offer a BY TOPIC set of videos.  However, since I follow the Saxon Math curriculum and record new videos each week, check the Topic list before purchasing to make sure I’ve covered the topics you are interested in learning.


Q:  What grades do the videos cover?

A:  I originally started with the “middle school topics” specifically the Saxon Math 7/6 book, the Saxon Math 8/7 book, the Saxon Math Algebra ½ book and the Saxon Math Algebra 1 book.  However, by popular request, I’ve now added Saxon Math 5/4 and Saxon Math 6/5.  (I release a new set of videos each week so check the release schedule to make sure I’m ahead of your student’s schedule.)


Q:  Are the videos available in DVD format?

A:  No.  Everything is streaming and on-demand.  The videos can be accessed on any computer or mobile device.


Q:  Do you do the problems in the textbook?

A:  No. I create my own unique problems that match the topics in the textbooks so students can gain additional practice.  This is also great because it can be my videos can be used with different editions of the textbooks.


Q:  My student is struggling with a specific topic.  How can we use these videos?

A:  Nicole teaches every lesson so you can go directly to the specific lesson if you need clarification on a topic.  We also offer a specific membership for videos grouped by topic.  So if your student is struggling with everything related to fractions, you can go to the fraction section to watch all of those videos and practice problems.  Cool part about the BY TOPIC membership is that you often get double the practice sets since we pull these videos from different grades.

 If you want the BY TOPIC breakdown, here’s how we recommend you purchase:

  • If you use the Saxon Math curriculum, purchase the ALL GRADES membership.  You get access to both the lessons in order of your textbook and to videos broken down by topic. 
  • If you do not use the Saxon Math curriculum, purchase the BY TOPIC membership.  Since we release new topics each week, check the topic list to make sure we’ve covered the topics you are looking for.


Q:  I have a 5th grader and a 7th grader.  Do I need to purchase two memberships?

A:  No.  The affordable ALL GRADES membership for $79 is all you need.


Q:  I see that my membership lasts for one year.  If I need to move to a different level mid-year,  how does that work?

A:  I’ve got you covered.  Just contact me when you need access to the new grade and I’ll switch you over.


Q:  I was thinking about getting a tutor for my child.  Can I use this instead?

A:  Yes.  For the price of two tutoring sessions, your student can have access to all of the topics and practice problems for the entire year.  They can watch them as many times as they want or need.


Q:  Do you have videos for high school topics such as Algebra 2, Geometry or Calculus?

A:  No.  I currently focus on topics up through Algebra 1.


Q:  I am a returning student and I need to take math for college?  Can I use these videos?

A:  First of all, congratulations and secondly, absolutely!  Most test prep books just give you the correct answer, but they don’t show you HOW to do the problem.  I first explain the process, and then demonstrate every practice problem so you can see how it should be done.   I recommend getting the BY TOPIC membership, so you can focus on a topic at a time.    

Still Have Questions?