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Saxon Math is a rigorous curriculum. To make it easier, it’s good to have a helping hand. Let Nicole the Math Lady be that for you. Your child will love Nicole’s funny and engaging style. Math will become enjoyable for them again. You’ll get time back in your day because your child will become more independent: watching the videos on their own and grading their own practice sets. Finally, a way to make Saxon Math easier.

Teaching Videos Available for the Following Textbooks

Saxon Math 3 Textbook

Saxon Math 3

Saxon Math 5/4 Textbook

Saxon Math 5/4

Saxon Math 6/5 Textbook

Saxon Math 6/5

Saxon Math 7/6 Textbook

Saxon Math 7/6

Saxon Math 8/7 Textbook

Saxon Math 8/7

Saxon Math Algebra 1/2 Textbook

Saxon Math Algebra 1/2

Saxon Math Algebra 1 Textbook

Saxon Math Algebra 1

Saxon Math Algebra 2 Textbook

Saxon Math Algebra 2

Saxon Math Geometry Textbook

Saxon Math Geometry

Saxon Advanced Mathematics Textbook

Saxon Math Advanced Mathematics

Saxon Math Intermediate 3 Textbook

Saxon Math Intermediate 3

Saxon Math Intermediate 4 Textbook

Saxon Math Intermediate 4

Saxon Math Intermediate 5 Textbook

Saxon Math Intermediate 5

Saxon Math Course 1 Textbook

Saxon Math Course 1

Saxon Math Course 2 Textbook

Saxon Math Course 2

Saxon Math Course 3 Textbook

Saxon Math Course 3

Saxon Math Algebra 1 (4th edition) Textbook

Saxon Math Algebra 1 4th ed.

Available Plans

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Saxon Math teaching videos

  • Lesson Videos
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Student Clubs
  • Private Facebook Community Support
Starting at $49 a year


Teaching videos and time-saving online grading 

  • Lesson Videos
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Student Clubs
  • Private Facebook Community Support
  • Online Grading
Starting at $79 a year


Comprehensive solution of teaching videos, online grading and Nicole’s Study Hall

  • Lesson Videos
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Student Clubs
  • Private Facebook Community Support
  • Online Grading
  • Class Chat
  • One-Minute Tutorials
  • Masterclasses
Starting at $99 a year

We want you to experience it all. So for your trial, you’ll get the Premium Package FREE for 7 days. You’ll have access to all of it: the teaching videos, online grading, student incentives, and the resources in Nicole’s Study Hall. The best part…no credit card is required. We hope you’ll love being part of the Nicole the Math Lady Family!
Please note: To take advantage of online grading during your trial, you will need access to the Saxon Math textbooks.