Why can’t I see the practice sets or tests for online grading?

At NTML, we know that y’all do not necessarily want your students to have the exact same math experience as everybody else.

So, we’ve made it that every parent gets to configure online grading preferences the way they want!

In order to configure your Student Account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Parent Account
  2. Go to Memberships
  3. Click on the Subscriptions tab
  4. Click on the green Student Accounts button
  5. Scroll down and click on Configure
  6. Make selections based on preferences for your student
    • Problems Sets– select either All Problems, Odds Only, Evens Only and Odd/Even Switching Daily
    • Warmups, Practice Problems, Investigations and Tests– select these if you would like your student to see them
    • Retries – how many times you want to give the student to retry answering each question
    • Retakes – how many times you want to allow a student to retake an entire assignment/test
  7. click Update
  8. Repeat for additional students