How does online grading work?

Online grading is as easy as 1…2…3!

  1. Your student works out the answer to problem 1 and enters it into the system.
    • If the answer is correct, the system moves onto the next question.
    • If the problem is incorrect, the student can get up to 5 more retries (amount determined by you.) To correct the problem, the student can click on the lesson link provided that will take them back to the original lesson where the concept was taught. Premium members also have access to the One Minute Tutorials.
  2. Once the student completes the practice set or test, the parent/teacher can receive a detailed email that shows the number correct, incorrect and number of retries taken by the student.
  3. Parent/teacher can decide if students do all problems, odd problems, even problems or switch between odds and even problems with each lesson.