How does my student get into the “Math Fact Masters” Club?

Students who have completed the Drill Team Addition/Subtraction or Multiplication Program by successfully “standing and delivering” their math facts in the “Show ‘Em What You Know” sessions can be inducted into the Math Facts Masters Club.

What does that get them? – A photo and shout-out in one of my videos, congratulating them for their hard work and perseverance.

What You Need to Send:

  • Send us a pic of them either 1) holding their completed Addition Worksheet, Multiplication Table Worksheet or standing next to their Adventure Kit visual organizer or 2) doing their favorite thing. (While we understand that everyone has different hobbies, please do not send pictures of children with firearms, weapons, or dead animals.)
  • Email the following things to [email protected]:
    • Their photo and permission to use it.
    • Their age, city, state.
    • Program completed: Addition or Multiplication
    • An interesting fact about them.

Can’t wait to see how many people make the club. Happy Learning!