Class Chat Code of Conduct

To participate in the Class Chat, students must abide by the Class Chat Code of Conduct.

  1. Class Chat is a place for students to post questions about specific problems in the textbook. Please keep all posts and discussions math-related.
  2. The Class Chat is not a replacement for the Solutions Manual. It is a place to provide explanations when students don’t understand the answer provided in the Solutions Manual. Please check your Solutions Manual before posting a question in the Class Chat.
  3. Do not take photos of the textbook and/or Solutions Manual and post them in the Class Chat as it is a copyright infringement of the publisher’s work.
  4. When responding to other students who are seeking help, be respectful and kind.
  5. Do not use profanity/offensive language.
  6. Do not post photos or have profile pics that contain profanity, nudity, firearms, or dead animals. If an image or a profile pic is deemed inappropriate by Nicole the Math Lady, the student will lose access to the Class Chat until the image is removed.

Students who do not abide by these rules will lose access to the Class Chat.