Join the 30-5 Club

I love celebrating hard work!

If you do five Saxon Math mixed practice sets in a row, you can become a member of Nicole’s “30-5” Club!

You don’t have to get everything perfect, but you do need to attempt and have an answer for all 30 problems.

What does that get you? A photo and shout-out in one of my videos, congratulating you for you hard work and perseverance.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Have a parent grade all five of  your practice sets to make sure there is an answer for every problem.
  • Take a pic holding your graded practice sets.  I want to see all five sheets.
  • Have your parent email the following things to

1) your photo and permission to use it

2) the name of the textbook and lessons you worked on

3) your city and state

4)  an interesting fact about yourself 

5) OPTIONAL – if you would like to submit a short video clip letting me know what helped you achieve getting into the 30-5 club, I will include it in my video.  I would love it if you would get your parent of film too!

Can’t wait to see how many people make the club.  Happy Learning!


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