homeschool motivation


Happiness comes from WHAT we do. Fulfillment comes from WHY we do it.

–Simon Sinek


Motivation. Remember that? It usually shows up strong in August and September, right on time with the new books and sharp pencils. But after that? It can get a little hit-or-miss. And it definitely feels like it sometimes settles in for a long winter’s nap, doesn’t it?


I hear it’s a February thing. Maybe it’s because your new curriculum isn’t so shiny anymore. Or because other people are discussing their plans for next school year (and you’ve got major FOMO). Or because your student has hit their hardest Saxon math lessons of the year and they’re struggling to find their footing again. Whatever the reason, this is a month that can be trying for an awful lot of us.


That’s why I want you to take a few minutes just to remember your “Why.” That’s a concept made popular several years back in a TED talk by Simon Sinek. The idea is, if you can remember WHY you started doing something in the first place, you’ll be reminded of your end goal and of the fulfillment you can find along the way.


homeschool motivation

Maybe right now you’re questioning why you chose this teaching or homeschooling journey. So go back to when you first started and think about why you did. Was it that you wanted to help your kids learn about the world and how it works while getting to spend lots of time with them? Were you hoping to influence the next generation by pouring into them? Or maybe you wanted a chance to walk alongside young learners and guide them as they grew. Do you see how revisiting that can renew your desire to keep going?


To take another example that is near to my heart: why did you start using Saxon math? Was it because the spiral method allows students to ease into new concepts while retaining what they have already learned? Was it because you wanted to help your students achieve the solid ACT or SAT scores Saxon-educated students are known for? Whatever your reason, when you remember YOUR why for choosing the program, it helps tremendously when you have a child who is frustrated with a particular lesson.


So if you’re going through a rough season (or even if you just want to prepare for one!), take a minute tonight or this weekend and contemplate why you started down the path you are on. Remembering your why can help you stay the course. It can assist you in doing some course-correction if you’ve lost sight of where you want to be. And finally, it will help you find fulfillment again.


Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady