Hey there! How’s it going?

Want to know what I wish? I wish I could give you exactly what you want right now. A chocolate bar. A celebration with your friends, inside, at a cozy restaurant. An assurance that things will start to feel more normal, soon.

While I can’t actually do any of these things, here’s what I can do: I can remind you that this is temporary.

This uncertainty is temporary.

The stressors we are all experiencing are temporary.

The changes you are having to make to deal with this pandemic are temporary.

It’s all temporary.

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When we remember the short-term (okay, maybe short-term-ish) nature of this, it can make it easier to deal with. This won’t last forever, and there are good things to be had in this time:

Learning to enjoy and rely on the people right under your nose.

Figuring out how to put troubling things out of your mind and enjoy the moment.

Appreciating the things that don’t seem to change.

Maybe you’re all set and excited to go on the ‘20-’21 school year. Maybe you need a few more weeks to play. Either way, I’m convinced that we will all learn lessons that maybe won’t be what we were expecting, but are just what we need.

I’m excited to watch your kids grow in math. I’m hearing they are loving the motivation of the badges on the new website, and that you parents and teachers are enjoying getting the feedback that online grading is giving. These are GOOD things, and though they are little in the grand scheme, here’s some Life Math Truth for you: If you add up a bunch of little things, they make a BIG difference. Sometimes, they can make ALL the difference.

I hope little things like no tears in math, more time for you because you aren’t having to grade, and kids who are motivated to hit the books make a difference for you this year. It may not be a Snickers, a party, or a cure for COVID, but it’s what I can give. And I hope it helps.

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady