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What would you say if I told you I know the key to better math learning for your kids? The ONE thing that would ensure that your child will perform better for the rest of their math career?

Spoiler alert: I do.


And it’s math facts. Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush. It’s math facts. It is almost always, always, always not knowing math facts that trips kids up. 

They need to learn their math facts. They need to have the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts solidly in their head.

Why? Not having automatic recall of these basic facts makes math slow and laborious. 

Students become frustrated, disempowered and even disengaged when they are spending all their precious brain AND willpower on computing the basic facts.  

In contrast, students who have memorized their math facts feel confident. They are able to recall answers quickly and start to work on more challenging computations. Research shows that it’s these students who perform better in pre-algebra, algebra, and higher-level math. Doesn’t that sound great?

And all those complaints about math: “It’s hard!” “It’s boring!” “I don’t understand!” tend to go away when the math facts are in their head and easy to access.

“But Nicole, my child doesn’t like memorizing!” 

I know! Believe me, I know! I remember the process myself and I’ve watched my own kids struggle through it. That’s why I came up with an answer and I want to make sure you know about it.

Drill Team, is my recently launched program designed to take away the boredom and complaints that come with the process of memorizing math facts. 


Drill Team combats all of that a new, modern approach to math facts. It features

Frequent Quizzing: short periods of time to review that don’t leave your student exhausted.

Only 3-4 Math Facts at a Time: manageable chunks of information 

Multi-sensory Components: Can math facts be fun? You bet! With catchy songs, dances, and games, the process becomes something your child looks forward to.

Cumulative Review: Consistent review of both the newest facts and the ones previously learned helps it all come together.

Optional Materials Kit: Gives kids physical flashcards and themed incentives for even more assistance as they go through the program.


math facts

Drill Team is a standalone program that can be done by anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Saxon Math or not–Drill Team works for any student who needs to get the math facts in their head!

That makes it a great choice to add to your summer days. Just 15-20 minutes of time in the morning plus a brief (30-90 seconds!) review each evening means that between now and the start of next school year, your student could have all the essential addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts in their head–for good!

Still skeptical? I’m currently offering a FREE seven-day trial so you can get a taste of it for yourself. You’ll get to see just what the Drill Team has to offer. All you have to do is get your kid in front of the computer and let the Team do the rest of the work.

My hunch is that if you stick with it for the full week, you’ll have a kid who’s actually ASKING to learn their math facts.  

And wouldn’t that be an amazing change?

Ready to try it out? This link will take you straight to the free trial signup page.

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady