Math Facts, Nicole the Math Lady, Drill Team


“The loftier the building, the deeper the foundation must be laid.”

Thomas a Kempis


Aren’t skyscrapers amazing? They tower over the skylines of amazing cities and give you a birds-eye view of all that is around you. They are truly feats of engineering, and each one looks different in its own remarkable way. 


But you know what’s the same about all of them? They all have a strong, solid foundation.  It’s that foundation–what lies down in the bottom, beneath the earth, that determines how tall and impressive that building will be. 


Math is a lot like that. A solid working knowledge of basic math is the foundation for every student who does well with more advanced concepts over the years. So where does that start? 


Math Facts, Nicole the Math Lady, Drill Team

It starts with math facts. Look, it’s always the small pieces that make the big picture. Basic math facts: knowing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts well–very well can determine the trajectory of your child’s math career. I started tutoring kids in math over 20 years ago and the common thread I see is always that they just don’t know their math facts well.


And yet all too often, we downplay the importance of this basic foundational piece and keep moving forward despite that shaky knowledge.


Why? Because they require memorization. And memorization can be hard. And tedious. Really hard and tedious.


But you know that hard and tedious is NOT what I want for your student. And shaky math facts are not my goal for your child. I don’t want either of those things for anyone! 


Enter Drill Team. It’s my latest program and it’s designed to make learning math facts attainable, simple, and yes, even FUN.



Imagine your child practicing their math facts without you nagging them. Imagine them learning new concepts easily because they have their facts down cold. Imagine your struggling student with newfound confidence and even joy when it comes to math. THAT’S the goal of Drill Team.


In just 100 days, Drill Team will help your child will be able to recall math facts quickly and easily. They’ll find that the rest of math is easier, too. And the best part? YOU won’t have to do the work. They’ll practice with me and the Drill Team kids every day–you just have to get them in front of their computer! Then you can sit back and watch them see, say, sing, and LOVE learning math facts.


Math Facts, Nicole the Math Lady, Drill Team


Additionally, you’ll have the option to buy my FIRST product EVER! I’m so proud of The Drill Team Kit that will be available to you! This optional kit will help your child…


  • TOUCH AND FEEL math facts with Flashcards.

  • SEE the math facts and visualize them with the Card Organizer.

  • VISUALIZE progress with the Adventure Guide.

  • BE ENCOURAGED to work with Incentive Stickers.


I’m so excited about serving you and your kids in this new and exciting way! Building strong math learners has always been my goal, but video lessons have just been the start. Now we have a plan, you and I, to work on building these deep foundations in a new and better way. 


And with that base? The sky, for your student, truly is the limit.


Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady