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I hope you are having a great week and are starting to look forward to a great Thanksgiving holiday! I love these weeks leading up to the holiday, when everyone is planning and anticipating the fun and excitement and, of course the food!

But one thing that drives me bonkers is when we Americans skip over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas! Thanksgiving is not only divine for the traditions (hello, turkey and pie and family), but also because it compels us to think about what we are grateful for and how, even in the midst of chaos or sadness or hard times, we always have some kind of blessings and good things to sustain us.

Gratitude Challenge Announcement

Research shows a direct correlation between gratitude and happiness. In a time where young people are struggling more and more to find feelings of peace and happiness, I firmly believe you can’t have too much gratitude! It only brings about good things: better health, the ability to deal with adversity, and yes, more feelings of being, well, happy!

That’s why I’m issuing my Gratitude Challenge again this year. Last year, I got so many cards of Thanksgiving from all over the country and it was so wonderful to hear from Nicole the Math Lady members. Your students are so thoughtful and kind, and it is a delight to interact with them.

So, have them send in their gratitude lists! Big or small, I want to hear their lists! This year I’m going all digital, so it’s even easier to participate. Just email and use the subject line “Gratitude Challenge.”

In the email have them tell me:

1. Their name

2. Where they’re from

3. How old they are, and

4. What they are grateful for this Thanksgiving season.

And remember, while I appreciate the sentiment, no, they are not allowed to say they are thankful for Nicole the Math Lady! Ha!

I hope your own gratitude list is miles long this year. I have so many loyal members and believe me, I am grateful for you and the part you play in this math community. Thank you!

Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady