Hey there! How’s it going?

Here at Nicole the Math Lady HQ it’s been busy, busy, busy as I welcome new subscribers and adjust all the technical parts and pieces of the new website. But there’s no rest for the weary! Why? Because all of the excitement means that you’ll soon have even more flexibility on the site for your Saxon Math year!


Here’s what we are working on right now: 


More Email Addresses: Want reports to go to Dad? Another teacher? Soon you’ll be able to add more email addresses to your account!


Save & Continue: Get Interrupted? Need to take two days to complete a lesson? My developers are working on a new “Save and Continue” function just for those days.



child with book excited about learning Saxon math

Manual Score Changes: Want to change a score manually? Now you’ll be able to go in and change a score yourself (say, if you want to give your child credit for changes or progress that the computer just can’t see).

Improved Answer Submission Form: Your student’s time is valuable, too. That’s why I’m making it even simpler for your student to submit their answer.  Soon they’ll have a type-and-enter system that will be quicker and easier, and that much less frustrating for them.

Improved Online Grading Reports: This has been the hardest one to wait for, but it will be worth it! By mid-August, you can expect to have beautiful, robust reports on demand, whenever you want them. (And currently, you can always get reports by having them sent to your email inbox.)


I am so glad to be getting so much feedback on what’s working for you and your kiddos! Excited students and dedicated, patient parents and teacher subscribers like you are a delight to work with. Thank you!


Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady