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Hey there!


The new website is off to a great start, which of course in 2020 technology terms means “It’s working for the vast majority of people, but there are always a few problems that get discovered after a launch.” Amen?


So with that in mind, here are some of the biggest questions I’m fielding. Take a look and I hope it helps!


Website and Accounts

What’s different? Quite a bit. The biggest difference is that there are two types of accounts now: a parent account and a student account.  When you log in, you will be in your parent account and your first step is to set up your student accounts before proceeding.  (Need help, go to your Tutorials Tab.) 

I don’t see my student’s progress from the last website.  Help?  We actually never tracked your student progress in the last website.  You just clicked on links to watch lessons.  The new system allows us to track each child’s progress.  At the moment, you cannot retroactively select a group of lessons and “complete” them.  

Prior to the new site, I was an All-Grades Member.  I only have three kids. Why do I have a Large Family Basic Plan? Do I need to switch?  With the old site, we didn’t know how many kids you had. In the new site, we wanted to make sure you had enough seats for all your kiddos so we gave you the largest plan.  There is no change you need to make now.  Just make sure when you’re ready to renew your membership, that you select the correct plan for your family size. 

Cheat Sheets

I’ve heard something about Cheat Sheets.  Where are they?  You can find cheat sheets on the home page of each course in the Materials Tab.  


Online Grading and Nicole’s Study Hall

Can students save their work and finish tomorrow?  At this time, no.  But I’ve heard from families that this is a really valuable feature, so our tech team is researching how to make it happen.  Stay tuned for more details. 

We need help with understanding a practice problem.  What should we do?  There are several options.  You could:

Use the Go to Lesson link – it will take you back to the lesson that skill was taught in so your child could brush up on that skill.  Available to Plus and Premium members.  

Go to a One Minute Tutorial – if you want a quick reminder of how to do something, just right click on your tab to open another window.  Go to Course>One Minute Tutorials and search the drop-down topics for what you are looking for.  You can also use your search bar in the upper right-hand corner.  There are 100+ videos here so there’s most likely an answer for what you’re looking for. Available to Premium members. 

Ask a Question in the Class Chat  If you need someone to explain the answer to you, post a question in the Class Chat and either another student or a Nicole the Math Lady Team member will explain it for you.  Make sure to hit Subscribe to get notifications so you’ll know when someone has responded.  (We’ve already seen students helping students, and it’s so cool!)

How do I know how my student did on the problem set? Setup your account to receive emails, you’ll receive a report when they are complete.  If you are not receiving an email, your email provider may be bouncing them (specifically, we have seen this happen with Hotmail).  Try changing your email address in the system to a different one and see if that works.  If you still are not receiving them, contact us. 

I’m trying to pull up a report but I’m not seeing my student’s data.  Help?  Our reports system needs a little tweaking as it is handling a lot of requests.  For now, I recommend turning on the feature to receive the daily email and I’ll let you know when reports are ready to rock and roll.


Charter School Ordering

How do I get my charter school to pay for my membership?  We explain the charter school process here.  We recommend placing your order early so you don’t miss out on any lessons!


Referral Program

I’d like to join the referral program.  How do I do that? First, thank you.  By being a Friends of Nicole Referral program member, you can earn referral bonuses and your friends who are new customers can get discounts on membership plans.  Just log in to the site and click here to register.  Please note that I ask you do not share your link openly in Facebook groups.

Do I need to re-register if I was an existing member?  Yes, you do.  You’ll receive a new personalized referral link and a coupon to share.  You can also create your own personalized link to share a free trial with a friend.  

It’s been a busy but amazing few days here at Nicole the Math Lady HQ as we welcome more and more subscribers to the new site. I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have been so incredibly supportive of this new effort and of me personally.  While I can’t promise that everything will be perfect, I can promise that I will always move quickly to get you what you need, so you can get back to the important things…spending time with those awesome little people you live with.  


Take care friends, and I’ll talk to you soon,


Nicole the Math Lady