Try Nicole the Math Lady FREE for 7 Days!

If Saxon Math is not an enjoyable, engaging, “full of smiles” experience for you and your student, it is time to try Nicole the Math Lady.  With the trial, your kiddos will get to watch the videos and see how the site works for themselves.  And you know kids…they’ll let you know what they REALLY think!


Since you may be new to the site, let me just give you the skinny.

There are two annual memberships:

Single Grade Membership

 It gives you access to one textbook at a time during your membership. Great for one child or for children who use the same textbook.

All Grades Membership

It gives you access to all of the textbooks at the same time during your membership. Great for families who use more than one textbook.

For the trial, I want you to see it all.  So you’re getting the All-Grades Membership FREE for 7 days.  You’ll have access to every textbook.  Just choose the one you want from your Dashboard.  And, the best part…no credit card is required.  Welcome to the Nicole the Math Lady Family!