Saxon Math 6/5

Saxon Math 6/5 covers concepts such as: the order of operations; geometry and measurement; integers; divisibility concepts; ratios; statistics and probability; prime and composite numbers; patterns and sequences; and powers and roots. Students will specifically learn about making a multiplication table, adding/subtracting fractions with a common denominator, multiplying by multiples of 10 and 100, perimeter, simple probability, decimal parts of a meter, reciprocals, volume, square roots, graphing points on a coordinate plane, and more. (120 Lessons plus 12 Investigations)
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  • Saxon Math 6/5 (3rd edition) has 120 Lessons and 12 Investigations.  Please verify your edition before using online grading.
  • Check the Materials Tab above for: Cheat Sheets, Correlations for Earlier Editions, and Textbook Corrections.

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