Lydia's Story

There’s nothing like hearing it from a mom…

Hi Nicole,

School is done, for now, but I want to thank you for your help in eighth grade math this year with Lydia. My child does not like math, but after we subscribed to your service, she looked forward to hearing from you every day. Her daily work was on and off, and I thought we'd need to start ninth grade with more pre-algebra. I even bought Saxon 1/2. But, out of curiosity, I tried the placement test, and she knew how to do almost every problem through Algebra readiness. Today I got her Hewitt standardized test back, and she placed very high--in fact, she hit the 99th national percentile! When I look back over her elementary scores, that is a dramatic increase! Saxon, and you, made all the difference.

See you in Algebra this fall!!!

- Jennifer Quattrochi