If I was a Premium or Pro member prior to January 11, 2021, how do I access Drill Team?

Premium and Pro Members (meaning you had access to Nicole’s Study Hall) prior to January 11, 2021, Drill Team has been automatically added to your membership. You will need to take one more step to make sure your kiddos can see it.

1. Log in to your parent account.
2. Click on the Drill Team Tab.
3. To add students already in the system, select “Add Existing User.” Click on the dropdown to add your students.
4. To add new students, click on “Add New Student” and create a new username and password for your student(s).
5. Logout of your parent account.
5. Have your student(s) log in to their student accounts and Drill Team will appear on their Courses page.

Note: Drill Team lessons only appear in your student’s account. However, you can access Drill Team music from the Drill Team music tab in the parent account.

New Members

After purchasing Drill Team, you will have to add your students. Follow the prompt and you will be led to the page to add your students.

  1. Select “Add Student”.
  2. Enter a username, password, etc for each student.
  3. After you have added your students to the Drill Team course, have your students log in to their own account and they will see the Drill Team lessons there. You will not see the Drill Team course links from your parent account, but you will have access to the music.