Saxon Math, Benefits of Challenge


“I CAN’T!”


“This Saxon math is TOO HARD.”


“I’ll NEVER be able to do this!”


Does this sound familiar? I am almost certain it does. For many parents and teachers, it’s a common refrain from our students. Outbursts of frustration over new and challenging situations are common among our kids (and, let’s be honest, probably in our own adult heads sometimes too).


And yet, from the outside, we see how discouraging it is for a child to have those negative feelings about their ability! You and I both know that they have the potential to do a lot of things. Yet at a young age, they are often convinced otherwise.


That’s why I started the 30-5 and the All-Right Clubs. They’re my little way of increasing your child’s confidence AND ability in Saxon math. They reward for multiple levels: consistency, effort, natural ability, and perseverance all get a payoff here.



Here’s some straight talk: I know it may be hard to come up with the energy right now to encourage your kids to do hard things. But they need a challenge. Perhaps now, more than ever. Lots of their traditional challenging situations may have been put on pause because of all that is going on in the world right now. Working to get into one of these clubs, though, is accessible for just about everyone and will provide many of the benefits they may have gotten elsewhere were it a different year.


Challenges matter to kids! Every time a child does something new,  they are acquiring skills that matter. They make new decisions: Which route to take? What strategy will work? Is the risk worth the payout? When she climbs higher in the tree, she has to decide how best to get up there. When he tries a new skill in baseball, he has to work his brain differently. When she competes on a different level, she has to decide how best to push herself harder. New decisions, new skills equal growth. 


Or, put another way, by someone who really knows this stuff:


“…In a fixed mindset, kids are afraid to learn something new. They would rather do the same thing over and over and keep being successful, keep looking smart; or at least not dumb. What we know now, by pushing yourself, you are constantly growing in ways you never anticipated and you fulfill your potential. The most successful people were and are the people who push out of their comfort zone, growing their skills.” Carol Dweck, Ph.D. 


Little bits of growth add up. You don’t see your child physically growing, but each night that produces a micro-bit of height that becomes inches and then feet, over time. Likewise, each challenge that your child faces means a little bit of difference that will add up over time. Saxon math itself offers that kind of small growth over time. But intentionally deciding to take on the 30-5 Club or the All-Right Club challenge means your child takes ownership and control over it. And isn’t that what we want for them, ultimately?


I hope your kids are up for this challenge this month! I’d love to make my LONGEST Wall of Fame videos ever! You can find the info on how to submit your child for 30-5 Club Membership here, and All-Right Club Membership here. Here’s to a getting out of the comfort zone and into new skills and better math understanding!


Talk to you soon!

Nicole the Math Lady