Hi there!


The holiday countdown is on and I’m sure that for you, like me, that means the pressure is up, too! I know that the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” can also be the most stressful, so I wanted to throw out an idea for you.


Now, more than ever, it’s time to treat yourself right. I know that you may not have time right now for a full spa weekend or to even put your feet up for too long, but I want you to acknowledge something that I am fully aware of: you are almost certainly the most important teacher in your student’s (or students’) life. Period. You work hard and you show up day after day for your kids. So while you’re busy wrapping gifts for everyone else, I wanted to encourage you to do something nice for your elf. I mean, yourself. 😀


So, without further ado, here are some ideas of what you can give yourself this year, from one teacher to another. And just to be clear, there are no affiliate links or anything like that in here. Just some stuff I thought you’d like.

Keep Your Coffee Warm

I mean, what mom or teacher is out there who doesn’t understand how hard it is to keep your hot drink hot when you are tending to people who need help with their math? It’s like sometimes you sit down with your mug and you immediately trigger the “I need help!” button on anyone around you who’s under the age of 16. So for that problem, here’s this: keeps your drink hot while you put out all the fires around you. Enjoy!


Fuzzy Pants that Let You Keep Your Dignity

It’s winter, and sometimes that means fuzzy pants. But also sometimes the trash needs to be taken out or the mail picked up and those two things can really clash when the print is, say, penguins. Or mittens. For that, check out these soft pants that could almost do double-duty as athleisure. You’re welcome!


Audible Subscription

Why should your kids be the only ones learning or enjoying stories? In some seasons, it may seem like you are doing more driving than teaching. For that, check out an Audible subscription. A free trial will get you one book, but a subscription means you can “read” the books that you just wouldn’t have time for otherwise.


Coffee Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are a treat because they can force you out of a rut and get you into something new–without having to leave the house. This coffee subscription service starts at just $8/month and you get fresh brew-ables delivered right to your door.

(And if coffee isn’t your, um, cup of tea, try this tea subscription service. )


Now, if you’re budget conscious, I feel ya. But there are gifts you can give yourself this holiday that won’t cost you a thing.


Gratitude Journal

You know I”m very into gratitude and how important it is, all year long. There are several online gratitude journals dedicated to helping us contemplate our blessings on a regular basis. This practice can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your state of mind.

Vision for 2020

New Year’s Resolutions can be great or they can set you up to feel like a failure. But goals and vision boards can be a powerful tool for realizing just what you want for the next year. I’m working on a Vision Board myself, and I am getting a lot out of the exercise of doing it. If you’re not sure how to make a board, here’s one idea of how to do one.

Just make sure you don’t stop at making the board–get out there and act on it.

Peace of Mind

Now, for the math portion of the post! Every one of us in charge of choosing curriculum for our kids can have questions and doubts about what we’re doing. But we don’t want to quit mid-stream on a curriculum without knowing what’s on the other side. A blogger sent me this recently and yes, it mentions me, but I thought you might want to read it because I think it will give you some peace of mind about what you’re doing. And although it’s free, that is one thing that is truly priceless.


I hope you treat yourself in some special way this holiday season. I know how hard my subscribers work, so I know you deserve it. And I’d love to see how you are treating yourself! Email me and let me know, or post a pic of yourself in the Nicole the Math Lady Facebook group! Can’t wait to see!


Talk to you soon,

Nicole the Math Lady